Poco Launches new British twist to tapas

Since opening we have continuously worked toward making our sourcing as sustainable as possible. We buy all our fresh produce from Bristol or the South West, and only from ethical sources. We are going one step further to only source 90% of all our ingredients from the UK (including all our dry goods). The remaining 10% will be sourced from communities that we choose to support because of the world-ranking quality of their products and the ethical standing of their business.

On Monday April 29th we will be having a launch party with seasonal pinchos and cocktails to celebrate the abundance of delicious local produce that we feel honored to serve to our customers. We will be putting up a list of our suppliers on the blackboard so you can see exactly where the food you’re eating comes from. Enjoy one of our home-smoked, home-infused cocktails with ingredients foraged with our own hands.

Posted by: poco on April 29, 2013 @ 9:30 pm
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