Meet The Producer #1 Mast Brother’s Chocolate

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We’re proud of the local producers who make and grow our food at Poco so we thought we’d celebrate them with a new series of bi-monthly events at Poco, Hackney called Meet The Producer. At each event Tom will create a menu in collaboration with one of our artisanal producers that represents their finest ingredients. Tom will introduce the meal with the producer and talk about the menu and the ethics of the ingredients, before sitting down to dine with you. Bristolians who’d like to make the trip will get a £10 discount. Send and e-mail to and we will send you a discount code.

#1 Meet The Producer: Mast Brother’s Chocolate

I first discovered Mast Brother’s chocolate on an inspirational trip to New York city in 2011, just before opening Poco in Bristol. They produce artisanal chocolate that is made to meticulously high standards, with an emphasis on clarity of flavour. They produce chocolate bars with beans sourced from a single origin. It’s quite remarkable how their chocolate bars differ in flavour so much, just by the origin of the bean. Their Papua New Guinea bar has distinctive notes of tobacco whilst the Tanzanian tastes like butterscotch, but it’s the goat’s milk chocolate bar that I found to be a real revelation, it’s still considered ‘dark’ chocolate as it has a 60% cocoa content but has a remarkable tangy flavour that brings out the flavour of the chocolate. After eating it I decided it would work perfectly in my chocolate pot, served with caramelised beetroot and Neal’s Yard cream. For the purpose of this event I’ve written a menu to be served on one night only at Poco in Broadway Market. The menu is inspired by Mast Brother’s chocolate identifying flavours and marrying them into new sweet and savoury dishes.

The Format

Arrive to a cider brandy, hot chocolate shot, before beginning the meal with a raw chocolate amuse bouche and an introduction from Tom and the head chocolatier from the Mast Brother’s factory in Shoreditch. A three course feast will then commence with Tom describing each course. Tom, the chocolatier and Lani the manager of Mast Brother’s UK will sit with guests and be available for questions throughout the evening. You will learn about chocolate making and Tom’s recipe style Root-to-fruit cooking, and be given chocolate recipes to take home and cook yourselves.

The Menu

Cider brandy, hot chocolate shot

Toasted cacao beans, rhubarb leather, roasted rhubarb, chervil, Tanzanian 80% chocolate

Cacao beer braised venison, pine, smoked chocolate
Seasonal greens, lemon
Freekeh, cinnamon, wild garlic

Olive oil chocolate cake, chocolate sorbet, frozen creme fraiche,

Chocolate shards, tobacco

Menu subject to change and seasonal availability

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.45.53

The Evening

7pm Arrive for a cider brandy hot chocolate
7.30pm Introduction from Tom Hunt and Mast Brother’s head chocolatier
7.45pm Feast begins
9.30-10pm Aperitif and petit four, meal finishes.

When and Where

Monday 14th March

Poco, Broadway Market, E9 2SP, London
We are on the south end of Broadway Market just past the Market Cafe, a ten minute walk from Bethnal Green or Haggerston tube station.

15th May #2 Meet The Producer: A Biodynamic Feast

To mark the occasion of this year’s RAW fair and celebrate biodynamic farming we’ve invited our friends Judith and Trevor from Pacta Connect to collaborate with us at Poco in London. I’ve created a menu of Istrian inspired food from Croatia, Slovenia and Northern Italy paired with wine chosen by Judith and Trevor from the same region. Two of their wine producers will attend the event and introduce a wine of there own with each course. The Menu will include dishes like Wild asparagus, spring onions, spelt grain, pecorino; Prawns Busara and

Wild boar, bay, rosemary, wild Spring mushrooms and greens all paired with our guest producer’s wines.

Grow_Eat_Gather3828 1

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