Meet The Producer #2 Biodynamic Feast

Meet The Producer

We’re proud of the producers who make and grow our food and wine at Poco so we thought we’d celebrate them with a series of bi-monthly events at Poco Hackney called Meet The Producer.

#2 Meet The Producer: A Biodynamic Feast with Pacta Wines

On Wednesday 25th May we are teaming up with specialist wine importer PACTA CONNECT for a very special wine dinner. Tom has devised a truly memorable tasting menu that perfectly complements a selection of beautiful wines, to bring you a celebration of the pure and perfect power of natural produce and natural wines.

Pacta are duo Trevor Long and Judith Burns, who run a one-stop shop for Central and Eastern European wines. Not only do they specialise in just a handful of countries but they ignore the mass produced, and instead seek out wines that are made with love, respect and attention to detail – natural and “minimal intervention” wines – made by real farmers, most of whom have been on the land for several generations or more. These producers say that their wines are made in the vineyards, but of course minimal intervention is an oxymoron; the wines are intensely cared for and nurtured, watched and waited for until they reach maturity. Pacta’s wines don’t just taste of the place where they are made, but their individual style shows physical elements of the soil, as well as glimpses of the culture, history and geography of the region; winemakers harvest and bottle by the phases of the moon, and their precision and passion for what they do and make is second to none.

Each of the three young winemakers chosen to pair Tom’s menu has been winemaking and farming on family land for generations. As the land around them changes, so they combine traditional methods of viticulture alongside modern techniques such as stainless steel fermentation, but always with respect for nature and their land, preferring to create wines made with perfection from the heart.

In Slovenia, the Batič family started winemaking on land in the Vipava Valley in 1592. Miha Batič, the latest winemaker had no formal training, his father believing instead that he should learn from the land not books. As wine producers they are legends not just in Slovenia but world-wide, using principles of biodynamics; harvesting, racking and bottling by moon cycles and phases, and creating nature’s harmony in their vineyards and the winery. The family’s belief is “Don’t fight nature”.

Uroš Klabjan is the latest of several generations to make wine in his family’s coastal Slovenian vineyards, 3 km from the Adriatic on the Karst limestone soil just behind Trieste. Klabjan’s wines are made completely naturally with minimal intervention, no fining or filtering, and the lowest sulphite content, but they are surprisingly precise, classic and elegant – no farmyard mustiness here!

Marko and Marino Geržinić are the 2 young Croatian brothers who have taken over the winemaking practice at their great grandfather’s winery in coastal Adriatic Istria. Well-known for their fresh tasting wines which they ferment in tanks rather than oak, their precision and attention to detail is fast making them sommelier favourites. With a family tradition of hunting and foraging, they make wonderfully food-matching specific wines.

Tom’s menu is truly inspired for this special five course wine dinner, combining so many of the tastes of the northern Adriatic – asparagus, game and truffles – to produce a truly biodynamic feast.

The Menu

Amfissa olives
Wholemeal and Stockholm sourdough, Marianna’s olive oil
Labneh,  buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, Madagascan cacao, rose, argan oil
Buterbean  hummus, zaatar, anchovies
Batič Rosé 2014

Asparagus, spring onions, smoked labneh, dukka
Batič Sivi Pinot 2011

Rainbow trout ceviche, radishes, chillies, wholemeal flat bread
Klabjan Malvazija 2013

Spring lamb, celeriac puree, green sauce
Portuguese ‘punched’ potatoes, rosemary, garlic, harissa, aioli
Seasonal Greens, butter, lemon
Klabjan Refošk Barrique

Rhubarb parfait, honeycomb, poached rhubarb mint
Geržinic Yellow Muškat

Menu and wine list subject to change and seasonal availability

Please note that if you purchase a food only ticket you will be able to purchase individual glasses from a specially created wine list featuring our producers wines.

© Neil White

© Neil White


When and Where

Wednesday 25th May

Broadway Market
E9 2SP

We are on the south end of Broadway Market just past the Market Cafe, a ten minute walk from Bethnal Green or Haggerston tube station.

© Neil White

© Neil White

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